Self-Editing Strategies for Your Stories

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Write Your Story Now

You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.
— Jodi Picoult

You hear it all the time: 

"Just write!

It's crazy vague advice. As if famous authors aren't using a blueprint. We know they're sitting on a writing roadmap that'll make their entire process easier. So what's their secret?

How do you get started writing? And how do you kept from getting entangled in a spiderweb of words once it's time to start revisions?

Nobody sets off on their Heroine's Journey without a freakin' clue or a quest or jewel to retrieve, right? So, what's the magic ticket, kick-in-the-pants, sure-fire approach to start your writer's journey that'll lead you down the right path to a finished product?

What if you could be gifted the golden egg that would ensure you:

  • plant your ass in the chair?

  • jumpstart a regular writing practice without journaling?

  • fill up the naked page?

  • ignite your writing so it prepares you for the editing process?

Consider this your call to adventure...

"Blissom is WORD MAGIC!"

Kelly with a Big Ol' K, stand-up comedienne & comedy writer

Learn How to Be More Naked™

Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public.
— Paulo Coelho

I'm Blissom Booblé, a travel writer, memoirist & editor.

Since 2011, I've been taking my clothes off by telling my stories. It's a scary process. Can I write about sex? My miscarriage? My medical trauma? My postpartum experiences? Will people get my stories? 

Overcoming fear & getting started is key. But once you start revising, you may feel like you're carrying a boulder up a mountain, naked. 

Yes, you can do it! (Not the boulder part, but the revising) Your writing can be courageous & vulnerable at the same time. And the editing process doesn't have to feel insurmountable, either. 

Your stories deserve a shape

Bookshelves are full of writing inspiration, but few detail the specifics of a dynamic DIY revision process... until now. 

I'm not a proofreader. I'm a developmental editor & writing coach. I believe in big changes. Self-editing that not only shifts your words on the page, but the hearts and minds of your readers. 

You're a writer ready to unleash your ideas, but you hesitate. 

Instead of hearing the same ol' suggestions about how "your stories will naturally come together once you've written enough," I can give you the keys to:

  • tackle deep edits like story structure, character development & theme instead of just fixing grammar, spelling, and typos

  • identify and transform the areas where you are stuck and unsure

  • know when to stop editing

  • finish that damn book and send it off to an agent already!

Being a writer is so much more than sticking words on a page, fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Your stories are a forever time capsule.

You, naked. 

Writing is only the beginning...


Revise Your Writing, Reveal Your Life


"Blissom is one of the top writing coaches in the game."

— Paul Fitzgerald, Author, New Lighting

Editease: The Sexy Art of Self-Editing


You're a creator. Become an alchemist. 

I’m all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.
— Truman Capote

You've got writing goals.

But a word count is just another number. Like age. It's that second (and third) 29th birthday. It means little without passion, perspective, and a powerful story arc.

Going from brainstorm to well-crafted narrative can be a tedious task. Many writers struggle for years to snag the right words.

Some never find them. 

Editing is a transformative act. Alchemy. An opportunity to craft stories that can change your life and the lives of others. 

Even if you're a strong writer, you may need a guide to help you tackle specific areas of your work. Someone who can teach you to spit shine your words until they sparkle. To support you when you're scared of failure... or even success.  

Consider me your developmental editor and personal writing coach. An Impresario of Editing™ who will help you orchestrate all the different parts of the writing process into a symphony of words.

When you're ready and only when you're ready, you can dive into advanced techniques for your writing.

Coming in 2019:

  • Burn Your Journal: How to Ignite a Red-Hot Writing Obsession

  • Exposed: Bad Writing Advice—And How to Transform it into Useful Storytelling Strategies

  • How to Train Your Beta Reader

  • How to Write a Killer Bio