ZuuuTV—Coming in 2019

(mostly) morning meditations on good health, great writing, and toddler chasing


2017 was all about having a baby at 40. My health & writing life tanked.

2018 I developed Hashimoto. Just before Christmas, I started having chest pains, insomnia, and headaches. The culprit—my medication. I needed a healthy daily regime. I started walking with Zuzu, my 1.5-year-old duckface daughter. (See image)

2019 I’m documenting our walks. My kid can talk, but I can’t understand anything she says, so this is the best time to think about my writing while on the move.

Even if you’re busy, even if it’s early, even if you’re cranky, join us on Walks w/Zuzu only on ZuuuTV and see Zuzu get animated. *Duck feet optional.

Check us out on IGTV in 2019!