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Burn Your Journal

You don’t need to journal to tell a great story. Why? Journaling feeds journaling. That may work for therapy. But if you’re creating publishable prose, excessive journaling won’t cut it. Are you ready to ignite your writing? Learn the secrets to a regular writing practice that is hot, hot, hot.

Flip the Script: A Novel Approach to Memoir Writing

Writing advice oozes out of online groups. But most of it won’t boost your writing technique. So, how do you take your manuscript to the next level? What if you could transform bad writing advice into useful storytelling strategies? Download this eBook and discover how to amp up your writer’s craft using the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

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How to Train Your Beta

Storytelling is a conversation. That means finding your ideal reader, but where do you get these human angels? Here’s the definitive guide on how to find and prepare a beta reader to give your manuscript the kind of TLC needed to make your revision process a breeze. Includes a section on joining writing groups, too.