Rave Reviews

Blissom took my stories from elementary to extraordinary. Her red pen revealed all I was missing in my writing. Never underestimate the power of great storytelling.
— Hawker Vanguard Emmy® Nominated Journalist for Albuquerque’s KOB 4
Not only is Blissom a unique and original writer in her own right, she is also a skilled reader and editor. She has been an important part of Zona Rosa for many years, and I always look forward to everything she writes as well as hearing about the successes of the authors with whom she works.
— Rosemary Daniell, award-winning author of Secrets of the Zona Rosa: How Writing (and Sisterhood) Can Change Women’s Lives
Blissom’s critique of my story helped me to step back from the latest draft and think about issues of story structure, point of view, and character (among others). Her clarity, encouragement, and perceptive editing helped me to revise the story into something much more in line with my ultimate vision.
— Sally Z, librarian and writer
Blissom is a multi-talented goddess with writing as her cherry on top. She’s produced, emceed, and written PR material and scripts for my former production company Scandalesque and my new production company PS Presents. Coming up with show themes, she created scripts that evolved each performance from individual acts to a cohesive, well-organized production. I highly recommend working with her!
— Pyrrha Sutra, Performer, Producer, and Burlesque Hall of Fame Artist
I approached Blissom to help me mix my personality with my goals for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year. She not only took my biography to the next level, she blew everyone’s mind with a short, clear description of me and my cause!
— Kelly Kerr, comedienne and candidate for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Woman of the Year 2016
I always look forward to our writing accountability calls, not just because I come away with a million ideas (Blissom’s a whip-smart and hilarious writer and editor!) but she’s extremely generous, and a natural coach and cheerleader. I truly value her perspective and encouragement.
— Emily, Blogger at Scribblesfromemily.com
The go-to lady for a good listen and a steer in the right direction, especially if you feel your writing is on the wrong track. Talk it through and work it out with a woman who knows about creativity. Believe me, I’ve been there with Blissom, and my writing is sharper for the experience.
— Olivia Stiffler, poet, Otherwise, We Are Safe
Blissom’s keen eye for what makes a story work has been instrumental in polishing my short pieces that have been published, including the Sledgehammer Readers’ Choice Award. She continues to be a stalwart and unflinching muse for my writing.
— Aaron Deck, writer and winner of The Elissa Award from The Sledgehammer Writing Contest
If you don’t want to fix your blind spots, advance your craft at a quicker pace, and produce quality writing that will grab the attention of publishers and producers, give Blissom a pass. If you like spinning your wheels and enjoy living in the land of Almost, then she’s not for you.

But if you have a need - a calling, a dream - and a gift inside you that you can’t quite bring to the surface, and you found your way to Blissom, congratulations. You have found one of the top writing coaches in the game. She transformed my writing.
— Paul Fitzgerald, author, New Lightning
Blissom has a natural talent of empowering one to write their bio in such a way, that it reads as an exciting story, instead of a monotonous list of facts. Blissom is an effective communicator, a good listener, and she completely takes the stress out of writing.
— Natalie Kahle, MSN, FNP-C Family Nurse Practitioner Peak Medical & Wellness Center