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Why You Should Burn Your Journal

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to journal to tell a great story. Why? Journaling feeds journaling. And that’s great for therapy. But if you’re ready to create publishable prose, excessive journaling won’t help you. You need to learn the craft of writing, not how to produce an endless stream of words. Click below to get lessons on how to build a regular writing practice without setting word counts or waking up at 5am.

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Who is Your Ideal Reader?

Storytelling is conversation. You can write all you like for yourself, but as soon as you decide to put your words into the world you are communicating with an audience. Who are you writing for? Identifying an ideal reader can help you bridge communication to better link your writing with your best audience. And you’ll sharpen your words on the page. Take the next steps to find your ideal reader.

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How to Train Your Beta Reader

Handing over a copy of your rough draft to a friend or family member can lead to treacherous territory. When you enlist a volunteer to read your manuscript, they may think their job is just that—to read your work. But what you need is an active reader. Someone who will will provide you with thoughtful feedback about what they've read and how they interpret it. Here’s how you can guide to giving you the critique you need.