Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Naked Page? 

The Naked Page is a website that is exclusively dedicated to the editing process for writers. Self-editing to be exact. Here, you'll find a suite of self-editing tools that you can download and work through at your own pace, on your own schedule. These tools include templates, worksheets, workbooks, and eCourses. More recently, I’ve created products to get you started writing by keeping editing in mind. No more writing just to write and then feeling like you have to start all over again when you start the revision process.

If you just want to journal for your own therapy, The Naked Page probably isn’t for you. But if you’re ready to get publishable prose on the page, The Naked Page will get you there.

Is The Naked Page a site for porn?

This isn't a site for porn... unless you are hot for words. Writing is pretty sexy stuff. And so is editing.

My old website was entitled Be More Naked—a spoof on my previous career as a burlesque performer. 

These days I'm 100% focused on writing and editing. My unique perspective from performing, teaching, and traveling comes in pretty handy when I deliver tools for self-editing because I understand writing for different audiences across a wide variety of platforms.

And I still believe in nakedness, but now it’s strictly dedicated to the writing process. 

I define nakedness as:

  • facing your fears when you stare at the empty page

  • being vulnerable enough to use your personal experiences

  • staying authentic as you develop your author's voice

  • taking risks as you experiment with different story structures and forms

What is editing, anyway? Isn't it just proofreading? 

One of my biggest disappointments is seeing people who have compelling stories to tell who haven't learned to edit their own work. How depressing to end up with a mediocre finished product when it could've been a groundbreaking narrative! 

My tools aren't designed to fix spelling and grammar errors, they're here to help you become your own developmental editor. To get comfortable making choices about what you'll put in your story and what you'll leave out. And why. 

I heard getting an editor can be expensive. Can I afford this stuff?

There are plenty of great developmental editors on the market. But they require pretty hefty investments. I've seen figures from as low as $1000 up to $14,000.

That's what gave me the idea for this site. To create a variety of tools at different price points that you can use on your own time.

You'll find some fun freebies to get you started. You'll also find intensive editing workbooks and eCourse at higher prices. This allows you to download only the pieces of the editing process you need instead of investing in a personal editor for mega bucks.

But I want to work with an editor one-on-one. Are you available for personal writing coaching?

Currently, I'm not accepting one-on-one clients unless you've got a big pile of cash sitting around you'd like to part with. I'm a new mom & committed to producing as much material as possible to reach as many writers as I can. 

Consider The Naked Page as your primer on editing.

Whether you work with me or another editor in the future, you'll need to understand how an editor thinks about your writing. A huge advantage to downloading the materials from The Naked Page is that you'll begin to think not just as a writer, but as an editor, too. This means when you do work with an editor in the future, you’ll know how to advocate for your own writing.


How is The Naked Page different from other writing sites or books on writing?

Most books on writing and writing websites answer the whys and whats of writing.

  • Why should I start writing?

  • What inspires me to write?

  • What will motivate me to finish my memoir or novel?

I think these sites are fantastic! I've been inspired by the stories of my writing heroes, too. But most of these sites don't help you develop your craft beyond getting started. They don't answer the hows of the writing process. 

Questions like:

  • How do I develop a writing schedule I can stick to?

  • How do I move from the rough draft stage to the revision process?

  • How much material should I cut or change? How do I change it?

  • How much self-editing do I do BEFORE I get an agent or a publisher?

  • How does self-editing even work? Are we talking getting rid of typos and spelling errors or are we dealing with major problems like fixing story structure, thematic issues, and character flaws?

The Naked Page answers all your hows.

I'm a Creative writer. Why do I need to learn about self-editing?

The publishing industry has changed drastically over the last few decades. Nobody's just one thing, anymore.

Thanks to the internet, writers have more opportunities than ever to break into niche markets. While opportunities are everywhere, your work needs to stand out among all other writing. Whether you are looking to self-publish or get a book contract through a big publishing house, no one will take a gamble on your writing unless it's as polished as possible. 

I've connected with far too many writers who get lost in the editing process. They know they need to improve, but they don't know how. So, their dream of seeing a book in print fades. Or they work on their material for 20 years with no end in sight.

Image you want to get fit for a dance competition and you know you've got to get in shape to reach your goals. But the only advice you hear is "just exercise each & every day" or "put one foot in front of the other."  

How frustrating would that be?

You'd have all kinds of questions about your exercise regime.  

You know you've got to improve your writing before you send it out, but advice like "make time to write every day" leaves you asking "but HOW do I make my writing better? I need step-by-step instructions." 

I've got you covered. I'm not just a cheerleader who will encourage you to get started. I'm a writing coach who will guide you through all the questions you'll encounter over the entire editing process until you produce a successful story you. 

Why are you so passionate about self-editing? Isn't editing the most boring part of the writing process?

I love editing. I'm obsessed with it. Self-editing is the most groundbreaking skill we writers can develop. It defines who is moving forward and who gets left behind. We live in an editing age.

Can you imagine living in a time when what got printed on the page was stuck there forever? Now you have the power to self-publish or create a website with complete control. And if you don't like what you create, you can change it in an instant. It's all within your reach. 

The more you work with the self-editing process the more you'll realize editing is the real writing. Don't you want that kind of power over your words?

If you’re struggling with the self-editing process, it can be as simple as a shift in thinking about your writing. If you need a nudge in the right direction, sign up for The No Nonsense Naked Editing Challenge: 7 Days to Go from Sh*tty Rough Draft to Self-Editing Superstar.