5 Proven Tips for Writing a Better Bio

I’ve written bios for entertainers, artists and personalities. I also revise my own bio often. If you are marketing yourself online—which you should be—you’ll inevitably find that you have to supply a bio to a blog or website. Most people undervalue their greatest strengths for fear that they will come off sounding artificial or like a giant narcissist.

Here are 5 surefire steps to help you write about YOU:

Ask for your 5 best qualities: Ask 5-10 of your friends, family members, or colleagues to provide you with a list of your top 5 traits. When you get the lists back, circle any qualities that appear on multiple lists. Chances are, your biggest selling points will be connected to these traits.

Don’t write it yourself: Okay, you are going to write your bio yourself, but have a friend or relative interview you first. You can give them your 5 best traits for guidance, but allow them to navigate the interview. It can be enlightening to hear what other people want to know about you.

Make YOU your product: Do you think Beyonce has trouble talking about Lemonade? Or Steve Jobs had difficulty discussing a Mac? No. People who believe in their products like to talk about them. When you choose to see yourself as your own product, you will get excited about what you are selling. What qualities do you look for in a product? What benefits does that product offer other people? How can you apply these benefits to yourself?

Tell a story: Rather than string a series of boring accolades together, tell us a story about you. Stories come naturally. You tell stories at parties or when you're trying to keep the dental hygienist at bay. Think of your bio less as tooting your own horn and more about specific events that have shaped your life. How did you get to where you are now? What major obstacles did you have to overcome?

Forget about it: Leave your new bio alone for several days or a week. Don’t touch it. See if anything jumps into your head that you’ve forgotten. Sometimes the easiest way to remember ideas is to forget you are searching for them. Your best qualities may surface when you least expect them.

BONUS: When you complete your final draft, read it aloud. Hearing your bio will distance you from the material. You should now sound like an authentic, but polished product!

What fears do you have about writing your own bio? TELL ME about your bio writing triumphs and tribulations in the comments below!